HDD Errors

HDD Error 12

Last year I dropped my laptop while the hard disk was spun up and suffered a head crash. A number of my images were corrupted. Flicking through a few albums of photos with Gnome Image Viewer resulted in the following images. Some of which, serendipitously, are quite beautiful.

HDD Error 18
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3 Responses to “HDD Errors”

  1. Love these shots…

  2. Anastasiya says:

    Wow! These are really awesome, I’ve never seen anything like these before. Really cool gallery.
    Who knew that dropping your laptop could save you hours of photoshopping?

    (And yes, word got out and you do have students lurking around your blog now).

    • admin says:

      Thanks Anastasiya!

      Knowing that some people will actually look at my photos is incentive to stop being lazy and actually post some more. :)



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