Lake Coleridge, New Zealand

Lake Coleridge township is located between Lake Coleridge and the Rakaia River on the eastern edge of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

It is a sleepy little town with few streets and few permanent residents. Many of the houses in the township serve as holiday homes, perfect for a weekend getaway, less than two hours from Christchurch.

In early September I found myself there for a weekend out of the city with my brother and his friends.

The night sky was amazing and I did my best to capture that, though I lacked a tripod.

Coleridge 02

Coleridge 01

The batch (cottage, holiday home) where we stayed:

Coleridge 04

The Rakaia River:

Coleridge 12

The following two images were taken with the Photo Sphere feature on my phone. Click and drag to look around.

On the second night speakers were set up. The music and sky were surreal. Breath hung in the air, which was well below zero.

Coleridge 14

Coleridge 20

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  1. kristie says:

    I love those Photosphere’s Nathan. Time to get out of the big city, that’s for sure! Hope you’re well.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Kristie :)

      I am looking forward to catching up in Aus. Hopefully we can get out of the city then.

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