Processing Project: Field Lines

Over the past 9 months I have made a number of small visual art projects using a language called Processing.

Field Lines

Processing is a language built on top of Java and is designed primarily for making multi-media art and visualisations. The project displayed below is embedded in this page using Processing.js.

I call this project Field Lines, for reasons which will hopefully become apparent if it is left to run for 30 seconds or so.

The mechanism underlying the complex patterns which emerge is deceptively simple. Each of the 10000 lines begins facing a random direction and moves slowly to align with its neighbours. Lines are coloured from red to blue as they become more aligned with their neighbours.

In a way, red represents areas of high stress in the system. Left long enough the system should decay to a uniform blue.

Warning, this project is very computationally intensive!

Click the simulation to restart it with random line directions.


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  1. haz says:

    Brings my browser to its knees ;). Love the simplicity of the update rules.

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